This is a teacher led auction. It can be played with mixed language points which are causing difficulty or on a specific area.

Clare Lavery

You may need to check that the students understand the concept of an auction.


  • Put the students into pairs or small groups and give each pair a sheet of sentences and their money limit. If you can find monopoly or other fake money to use it adds to the fun.
  • Ask the students to plan which sentences they are going to bid for.
  • Conduct the auction in a brisk and fun way.
  • After all the sentences are sold, run through and get a class vote on which sentences are correct. Confirm the answers.
  • Ask them to add up their money. Who has lost money on incorrect sentences?
  • Ask pairs to decide why the sentences are not correct.

Example auction sheet: 

Decide which of these sentences is correct. You have 1000 Euro to spend. Try to buy the best sentences with your money. Only buy correct ones if you can!
1. I am living in Paris since 1998.
2. Has Pascal ever been to London?
3. Betty hasn’t went to England yet.
4. Nobody in the class has been to America.
5. How long are you studying English?
6. I haven’t seen my cousin since a long time.
7. We have seen each other last summer .
8. When were you born?
9. I’ve been born in 1987.
10. I’ve never seen a film in English but I’ve read a book.
11. Sally’s lived in London for 10 years now.


Language level
Language Level: 
Pre-intermediate: A2