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Get creative in the English language classroom!

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Over the next few weeks we will be looking at how to promote creativity in the English language classroom to celebrate the forthcoming launch of a brand new and exciting teacher resource book from the British Council on this theme. Find details of webinars, a live streamed seminar and published extracts from the book!


Webinar on EnglishAgenda

We start our focus on creativity with an excellent webinar by Marisa Constantinides about ‘Creating Creative Teachers’ on Wednesday 17 June, 2015 at 16.00 UK time.

In this webinar, Marisa, who is a teacher, teacher educator, conference presenter and ELT author, focuses on helping teachers with developing their own creative thinking skills so that they, in turn can do a great job with their learners. This talk aims to give ideas to teacher trainers practising or prospective, as well as to teachers who can use many of the ideas and activities in their own teacher self-help groups.

Watch the webinar recording!

Publication extracts on EnglishAgenda

From 17th - 24th June, we will be publishing extracts from the book to give you a glimpse of some of the great ideas it contains:

    Extract one 'How to develop a more creative climate in your classroom' from the introduction by Alan Maley.

    Extract two: 'Ideas for using the coursebook creatively' from chapter 2, 'Challenging teachers to use their coursebook creatively' by Brian Tomlinson.

    Extract three: 'Creative ways to teach vocabulary' from chapter 7, 'From everyday activities to creative tasks' by Judit Fehér.

    Extract four: 'A Creative Approach to Language Teaching' from chapter 10, 'A Creative Approach to Language Teaching. A way to recognise, encourage and appreciate students' contributions to language classes' by Libor Stepanek.
    Extract five: 'Creating creative teachers' from chapter 12, 'Creating creative teachers' by Marisa Constantinides.

Live streamed British Council Seminar

And on Wednesday 24th June 2015, 1730 - 2030 we have a special live streamed event: ‘Creativity in teaching and learning: What, why, how?

‘Creativity extends right across all age-ranges, all levels of competence, all teaching contexts and all geographical regions. And it applies equally to teachers as well as learners. Creativity is a universal, though its manifestations may be specific and local.’ – Alan Maley, Co-editor of 'Creativity in the English language classroom’.

Do teachers need to be creative? What stops us from being creative? How can we and our students become more creative?

Join this highly practical, interactive seminar to discover small changes that can make a big difference to creativity in the classroom. Two speaker sessions will provide successful activities and real-life examples to inspire creative teaching and learning.

All participants will receive access to the brand new resource book, which shares many practical procedures for using creativity to enhance language learning with your students.

You can participate in two ways - either in person at the British Council office near Trafalgar Square in London or by participating live online. Find out more on our seminars pages.

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