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Gender in Language Education - Gender representation in teaching materials

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Find out more about module 1 of the 'Gender in Language Education' professional development training series.

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Welcome to the Gender in Language Education training series.

There are three modules in the series:

Module 1: Gender representation in teaching materials (this module). This module will introduce you to the different kinds of gender bias and stereotypes which exist in language education. It's aimed at providing you with a general introduction to and understanding of the topic as well as helping you to recognise and evaluate these issues so that you can respond to them effectively in the classroom.

Module 2: Understanding Gender Equality in Teaching Practice. This module will introduce you to ways we often perceive gender differences in the classroom. It's aimed at breaking down common assumptions about the differences between gender in education, so that you can help all of your students achieve success. Find out more

Module 3: Working with Gender equality in Education. This module will introduce you to some of the progress that has been made, as well as some of the barriers people face in terms of gender equality and equity, and how these can be overcome and worked with on an individual as well as a global scale. Find out more

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About this module

Understanding gender representation in teaching materials is a three-hour self-study training module, which is divided into three one-hour units.

  • By the end of unit 1, you'll be able to describe the difference between sex and gender explain the meanings of gender bias and gender stereotypes. 
  • By the end of unit 2, you'll be able to explain how gender stereotyping in textbooks can affect people evaluate gender representations, stereotypes and bias in textbooks.
  • By the end of unit 3, you’ll be able to use a framework to analyse gender balance and gender representation in textbooks and explain how teachers can respond to gender bias and gender stereotypes in textbooks.


This module is available for free

Professional practices

Using inclusive practices

Who is this module for?

Programme and centre managers working with cross-curricular teachers of all levels of experience.

Start dates and registration

8 March 2021


Three hours self-study


For participants who successfully complete all tasks and achieve a score of 70% or above in the online exercises, there will be a downloadable certificate of completion at the end of each module.

Level of English required

CEFR B1 and above

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