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Hi, I am Suman Shrestha from Nepal.

I am very keen to participate in conference.

I hope it will be fruitful for my career.

Hi, friend. I think your dream will be fulfilled after your attendance of this conference. It was about generalized pedagogy and globalized educational guidance upon all kinds of subjects, like a superstructure. You can try to open a channel with your specific subject. Like me, I had tried to open a link with my piano and musical practices, and found identifying different composers' musical literacies into different categories, such as historical background, special requirements of hands-techniques and sound effects, fashion styles, etc., producing further documentary researches and fingering trainings (as what stated in our conference - bring researching style into classroom), trying to describe them with students through beautiful languages with musical imaginations (for motivating their literacies) , self-making out some digital musical recordings (as personalized teaching and learning products though my recordings weren't professional) and writing down plans and self-reflexivity for future improvements. My own level for my children has been improved than before. They also felt happy to learn. Therefore, I think you can get what you are willing to dream after...

The "Full conference schedule" (PDF) seems to be a broken link - it won't download either from this page, or from the link in the email. Just thought you should know.
Looking forward to the conference.

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