How do you use flashcards in your class? Watch Vikki, and then let us know how you use them by leaving a comment below. Remember to check out our flashcard maker too!

If you like the song at the end, have a look at LearnEnglish Kids.



Thank you, Vikki, for your lesson! Could you show us another one, please!

I use flashcards all the time, can't imagine teaching a foreign language without them. Kids love it, it makes everything easier. We introduce new words/structures with flashcards, revise, play all sorts of games. Thanks for your ideas!

Lots of great practical ideas for using flashcards in this video. Thanks Vikki! Here’s more on flashcards and how to use them:

There are free printable flashcards on LearnEnglish Kids. Click on the link below and then search for ‘flashcards’:


 Hello!! I have a month with you and is really nice the website! I use many tips, strategies from here, congratulations and thanks for all the material, I love it!

I would like to ask you if is possible to create a dominoes game like yours with the program?

and how can I divide each card?

Thanks so much

Eduardo Guzman 

 Thanks so much! yes, even I have downloaded one of them. I will practice a lot with flashcard maker because I have not found how to divide each card. It is really great (image, name and phonetics) and students like flashcard.

Have an excellent week!



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