Our featured blog of the month award for March goes to ELT Connect and their post Fun with Phrasal Verbs

Written by Aoife Mcloughlin, these games from ELT-Connect for getting students to practise phrasal verbs are really great – and they will work with most levels and ages! 

This month's shortlist features resources for writing a CV, a game for word formation, a foldable word game and ideas for using grammar word searches.

  • Cristina Cabal: Write your CV or Resume with Free Editable Templates. Are you or your students unsure about how to write and present a CV? Cristina Cabal tells us how we can use free fully-editable templates to help us give our CVs a professional look.
  • Mike Astbury Word Formation 2 – Adjectives. Being able to form additional words from a word root is so important when learning a language, yet in my experience most students find it hard to do. This game from Mike Astbury is a great way to help students become more familiar with the adjective forms of words.
  • Svetlana Kandybovich: Foldable Word Games - 2 in 1. A fun word game from Svetlana Kandybovich – really handy for a class filler. Just fold it :)
  • Robert Dobie: FOUR Best Ways to Use Grammar Word Searches. Word searches offer students a fun, non-threatening, rewarding activity that reinforces prior learning. Here are some ideas to get the most out of them from Robert Dobie.


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