Our featured blog of the month award for July 2018 goes to Gianfranco Conti and his post Patterns first - How I teach lexicogrammar (part 1).


In his post, Gianfranco Conti looks at how we can teach grammar and lexis through the communicative functions students need to master when they interact in the real world.

Shortlisted posts

Our two shortlisted posts feature a song activity and help for improving students' writing.


Lucas Anselmo | Classroom in Concert : The Beatles – Hello, Goodbye Lucas Anselmo has created this great song activity, which includes a downloadable worksheet, to use with beginner students for teaching greetings.

Geraldine Mc | Using checklists to improve writing tasks Geraldine Mc shows how we can use checklists as a simple but effective way of helping students improve their writing.

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