Our featured blog of the month award for February 2017 goes to Kieran Donaghy's FilmEnglish and his lesson idea based on the video 'Alike'.

Film English has created an engaging lesson based on this beautiful short video, 'Alike'. It gives students practice using adjectives to describe character and routines. It is suitable for intermediate+ (B1+) students.

This month's shortlist features ideas for teaching grammar through stories, interactive games for teaching irregular verbs, a spinning wheel for games and five zero preparation lesson ideas.

  • Jason Anderson - The Farmer and the Fortune Teller: Using stories to teach grammar. Jason Anderson explains how and includes a lesson plan for teaching the first conditional based on the story 'The Farmer and the Fortune Teller'.
  • Cristina Cabal - Irregular Verbs? Yes, Please! Learning irregular verbs doesn’t have to be dull and boring. Here Cristina Cabal shares four interactive games that make it interesting and fun!
  • Tekhnologic - The Spinning Wheel. Tekhnologic has created this spinning wheel for games, conversations and quizzes that you can copy and paste into your PowerPoint presentations!
  • French Teacher Net - 5 great zero preparation lesson ideas. Five great zero preparation activities to develop your students' listening skills from French Teacher Net.


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