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Escape 3 (higher level)

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Escape #3 is a complete set of teaching resources designed around an interesting and unusual photograph with activities to activate your students' higher level critical thinking skills.

This pack looks at the topic of travel with a specific focus on speaking and listening skills. Students will discuss famous monuments from their home country and abroad.

Escape #3 | image supplied by ELTPics

The materials to accompany this pack are designed to be used with higher level students (B2+).

Each pack in this series includes an audio recording of the photographer talking about their photo, together with a complete lesson plan on how to exploit the image and the audio. There are student worksheets and a copy of the image to download.

In this lesson, students are asked to do the following:

  • Speculate about reasons (speaking)
  • Give reasons (speaking)
  • Listen for specific information
  • Discuss famous monuments
  • Speak about their home town or area

ELTPics Image by @pysproblem81

Language level
Language Level: 
Upper intermediate: B2