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English Teaching Talks - Integrating ICT

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Use these videos from Nik Peachey about Integrating ICT in the classroom to help with your professional development.

About the videos

In this series of six short videos, Nik Peachey helps us with many important issues about integrating ICT (Information and Communication Technology), including a framework to help think about how we integrate ICT, sources and the motivation for using ICT for our professional development, practical ideas for class to build both language and digital literacies, criteria to help choose the best apps for your learners and guidance on how to plan blended work. Below is a list of each video. All videos include subtitles in English:

Video 1: Introduction (3:41 minutes)

Video 2: Integrating ICT into the classroom (3:46 minutes)

Video 3: ICT for Professional Development (3:34 minutes)

Video 4:  ICT for Developing Language and Digital Skills (3:48 minutes)

Video 5: Selecting Apps for Students (3:47 minutes)

Video 6: ICT for Blended Learning (4:10 minutes)

Watch all the videos on YouTube


To integrate ICT effectively, Nik says that teachers need:

  • a framework to help see how to use ICT to increase learning impact.
  • to know how to use ICT as a tool for their own development.
  • ideas for developing language and digital literacies using ICT.
  • to be able to select the best apps to use in class for their context.
  • to know how to integrate ICT into a design for blended learning.

Pre-viewing task

Before you watch the videos, think about the questions below. If you are using this resource as part of your professional development in your institution, discuss the questions below with your colleagues

  1. Why do you choose the ICT options you use? 
  2. What sites or apps would you recommend to a colleague who is starting to integrate ICT? Why?
  3. Which ICT tools have made the most difference to your learners’ language and/or digital literacy skills?
  4. How do you ‘mix’ or ‘blend’ ICT tools and face to face contact into your courses? Why?
  5. What ideas would you expect to be included in the video? Why?

While viewing 

What ideas does Nik give for each of the teacher needs specified in the rationale above?

After viewing

  1. Which ideas would work well in your context? Why?
  2. What ideas would you add?
  3. What are you going to do as a result of watching this video?
  4. Was this a good choice of ideas for the video? Why/ why not?

Watch the introduction below and watch all six videos in the series on YouTube