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English for Specific Academic Purposes student partnerships across borders

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This paper outlines findings and guidelines on English for Specific Academic Purposes cross-continent link-ups.

Anna Rolińska, Bill Guariento and Nazmi Al-Masri
Students coming to the UK frequently join their chosen university via a pre-sessional English language course, but organisers of such courses often struggle to find staff on campus in the summer months to provide the necessary content input.
This paper presents an attempt to overcome this shortfall, describing two parallel English for Specific Academic Purpose telecollaboration projects between universities in Scotland and Gaza, one involving Engineering, the other Biomedical students. We outline how the projects were organised, offer our findings, and provide a set of guidelines that may encourage similar cross-continent link-ups between universities.
This ELTRA research paper is free to download below as a pdf file.
Read a further report by Bill Guariento on how this project has developed since the original research was undertaken and watch a webinar presentation.