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The English at Home Treasure Hunt

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This lesson plan for younger primary-aged learners is specifically designed for teachers and parents helping their children learn English at home.


In this lesson children complete a worksheet by following the instructions to search for objects and words found at home. Children are asked to find and draw objects, tick boxes and write simple English words and sentences in this fun activity which aims to give practice to children learning at home. They share the information with their parents, or their teachers and classmates online. Ideas for extending the lesson are provided below.


  • To provide teachers or parents with a lesson to use with children during the school closures or to use as homework
  • To practise English vocabulary found in the house and the prepositions in, on and under
  • To give early primary children reading, writing and drawing practice
  • To encourage students to have fun while learning English at home
  • To encourage children to find evidence of English in their environment

Age group:

Young learners aged 6-8 years


CEF Level A1 - beginner


20 - 50 minutes


  • The English at Home Treasure Hunt worksheet (one per student to print out at home; or they could copy the worksheet from their computer screen if they don’t have a printer)
  • Materials: students need a pencil or pen
  • Optional: coloured pencils, pens or crayons
  • LearnEnglish Kids website (see links in the lesson notes)



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