The 17th British Council ELTons Innovations Awards are now open for applications.

The British Council is once again looking for the latest and most innovative resources to learn and teach English. The call for applications to the 17th ELTons Awards for Innovation in English language teaching is now open.

Over the past seventeen years, the British Council’s ELTons Innovation Awards have celebrated the original courses, publications, projects, apps, and platforms, and more, finding new ways to meet the needs of English language learners and teachers around the world. In 2018, an impressive field of 110 entries came from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, spanning the different needs of English language learners at every age, in diverse contexts.

We’re now looking for entries to the ELTons 2019 which have been developed in the last two years, which:

  • Demonstrate excellence in innovation and functionality in helping English language teachers and learners meet their goals.
  • Across the full breadth of media (non-digital or digital).
  • From a wide variety of contexts and applicants worldwide: from large organisations and start-ups, to government programmes and individual entrepreneurs, as well as those in low-resource contexts.

Applications are assessed by panels of expert judges, independently, individually and behind closed doors (using the Delphi method).

Applications are open until Friday 2 November 2018, 23.59 (UK time)

Visit the EnglishAgenda website for more information about the categories and instructions on how to submit your application or click the link below:

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