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ELTeCS and TeachingEnglish - important changes

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For more than 20 years, the ELTeCS network has been an active and inspirational community for thousands of ELT professionals across the world.

Throughout its lifetime, ELTeCS has provided opportunities for professional development, sharing of ideas and a range of information for and about the ELT profession.

Over the past 10 years, as more and more opportunities have become available for online communities of practice, via social media platforms, MOOCs and many others, including our own British Council communities, the ELTeCS network has mainly acted a local source of information about local professional development and other news via our newsletters in different parts of the world.

As regional, national and local communities grow, we have been reviewing our ELTeCS activity and made a decision that it is time for a change.

A new website and a new newsletter for teacher educators

Our commitment has always and will always be to ensure we support you, our audience of teachers, teacher educators and other ELT professionals in your work as best we can. That commitment means taking responsibility to review our offer, responding to changing needs and circumstances, and evolving in order to meet those needs. One the biggest visible changes over the coming 6 months is that we will be merging our EnglishAgenda website and TeachingEnglish website into a single site that caters for all our existing audiences in a more effective and integrated way. This work will be ongoing throughout 2019 and we will be communicating important information about what you can expect from this exciting new project as it is happening.

Our aim is to provide a single online space that offers practical resources, professional development resources, publications, insights and research, as well as useful information about the British Council’s work around the world to all ELT professionals, including teacher educators, researchers, managers and school leaders.

As part of our ongoing review, we have also made a decision to close ELTeCS in its existing form as of October 2019. The four existing ELTeCS newsletters will be replaced by a monthly global newsletter, specifically aimed at teacher educators and other ELT professionals whose work is predominantly done outside of the classroom as teaching practitioners. Our weekly TeachingEnglish newsletter will continue in the same way.

Our new global newsletter for teacher educators means that you will still have access to a wide range of stories from around the world and support for the work you do. It will still include relevant stories from specific regions and countries, and we also invite you to join our growing online British Council Teacher Educator community to connect with other professionals from your country and across the globe.

What happens next?


The first edition of our monthly teacher educator newsletter will be launched in October, replacing the existing ELTeCS newsletters. If you are subscribed to one or more of the ELTeCS newsletters, your subscription will automatically be transferred to the new newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any time.


If you are a regular user of EnglishAgenda, the website will continue to exist in its current form at least until the end of 2019. You will be informed of any important changes to our websites.

Community of practice

Our community of practice for teacher educators is an online community of practice, which provides topics for discussion, special training opportunities and a chance to discuss and share ideas with over a thousand colleagues from around the world.

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