Covering an enormous area, ELTeCS ECR encompasses the UK and Ireland; Scandinavia; continental Europe including the Baltic States; Turkey and Israel; Caucasus including Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia; and Russia.

Colleagues from the US and Canada often join this list too. This was the first ELTeCS list, and was set up in July 1996. Access to the Internet is widespread in many of the countries in the region. This means that many ELTeCS ECR members have other ways of getting news about ELT. Nevertheless, ELTeCS ECR has proved popular as a reliable, regular source of news.

ELTeCS ECR members will continue to have the choice of receiving news in plain text format, but we anticipate that many will welcome the choice to receive news in a more colourful, web-based format.

The Editor of ELTeCS ECR is Zsuzsa Kuti, based in Hungary. Zsuzsa has a great network of colleagues across the region who send her information for ELTeCS ECR about new initiatives, including EU-funded opportunities, and projects linking universities, as well as TA events. If you have any EL teacher development news to share via ELTeCS ECR, please contact Zsuzsa via the ELTeCS list.

Zsuzsa Kuti: bio details and photo

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