This is a large region, covering the Central Asian republics and the South Asian countries (such as Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan) apart from India and Sri Lanka.

The list was set up in May 2000. Access to the Internet, especially to email, has grown rapidly in some countries and much more slowly in others. Nevertheless, there has been a steady increase in member numbers.

ELTeCS CSA members will continue to have the choice of receiving news in plain text format (as will all ELTeCS members) as this is the most accessible format worldwide.

The new Editor of ELTeCS CSA, Alexey Ulko, who is based in Uzbekistan, took on the job in 2008, succeeding Maya Menon. He regularly prepares the postings for ELTeCS CSA from two locations, as he works in two cities in Uzbekistan. This means he has twice as many computer problems as the rest of us! If you have any EL teacher development news to share via ELTeCS CSA, please contact Alex via the ELTeCS list.

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I'm a first time English teacher teaching English to Indonesian students (basic level.... I'm their first teacher).... and i don't speak Indonesian.
I'm looking for:
A complete step by step guide to teaching English.... early stage.... downloadable and free (i know there are many sites with ESL material, but none of them i can see have material that isn't fragmented, incomplete, or in a logical order.... making it extremely difficult and time consuming to download it.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.... I'm in a very deprived area of Sumbawa, with zero teaching aids, materials.... so anything that i can get free and downloadable is very useful.

Many thanks for your help


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