This list carries ELT news from a huge area: Africa South of the Sahara; North Africa; and the Middle East.

The list was set up in May 2000. Since then, access to the Internet, especially to email, has grown enormously across the three regions, and many new members have joined.

ELTeCS AME members will continue to have the choice of receiving news in plain text format (as will all ELTeCS members) as this is the most accessible format worldwide.

The Editor of ELTeCS AME, Abdelmajid Bouziane, who is based in Morocco, has been running an occasional special feature, ‘Focus’. This provides key information on ELT in particular countries. So far, Majid has focused on Kenya, Morocco and Tunisia. If you would like to write about ELT in your country for ELTeCS Focus, or if you have any EL teacher development news to share via ELTeCS AME, please contact Majid via the ELTeCS list.

Abdelmajid Bouziane: bio details and photo

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