If you like to know what’s happening when and who’s who in ELT, then you need ELTeCS.

English Language Teaching Contacts Scheme - ELTeCS

ELTeCS provides English teachers, teacher trainers and managers worldwide with the latest news about opportunities in their region and globally.

News comes from the members themselves, with additional alerts from the British Council. News items focus on teacher development and:

  • workshops, Hornby schools, online courses
  • conferences and other events, including calls for papers
  • teacher association news
  • online resources for teachers
  • journals and newsletters, including calls for articles
  • competitions and quizzes for teachers
  • scholarships for teachers
  • teacher and research projects, including invitations to participate
  • vacancies, including calls for Hornby school directors and tutors
  • reports and advice.

Regional newslists

ELTeCS does this through 4 regional e-mail newslists, one each for:

ELTeCS update

Our ELTeCS newsletters for East Asia (including China) and India & Sri Lanka were closed at the end of October 2013. These regions are now served by the TeachingEnglish Asia e-newsletter. If you were previously subscribed to the ELTeCS newsletter in this region, you will automatically be subscribed to the new TeachingEnglish Asia newsletter, which will be sent out quarterly. For more information about the new TeachingEnglish Asia newsletter, please follow this link: http://blog.britishcouncil.org/teachingenglishasia/


Subscription is free, and once subscribed, ELTeCS newslist members receive regular news digests automatically in their e-mail inboxes. Members can send their own news messages and queries too. ELTeCS encourages members to support each other and collaborate in various ways. In some countries, ELTeCS members meet face to face, for example, running professional development workshops.



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