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ELT Guide-2: Simulations

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This 1979 'teaching aid devised by the English Language Teaching Institute' was authored by David Herbert and Gill Sturtridge. 'Simulations' are defined and various types are described, including role plays. The value of using simulations is discussed, as are the stages involved in their production, and their structure.

The bulk of the publication is given over to instructions and materials for four illustrative simulations. These will still be of interest to practitioners today, although the listening scripts and ‘letters’ feature some dated language. The simulations are set in fictional locations, although one is recognisably French and two British. Full briefing notes, texts, maps and role cards are provided. The fourth simulation involves participants in the simulated production of a radio and a television programme, and also a newspaper. Finally, a list of published simulations follows a short bibliography.

This book is free to download below as a pdf file.