This webinar suggests how tutors can help international students who are entering Higher Education, to develop their academic writing skills, by focusing on reader expectation and on academic requirements and principles.

ELTons webinars: Winner of the Innovations in Learner Resources award

We are proud to bring you a series of webinars showcasing ideas from the 2014 ELTons winning innovations. Here we present the winners of the ELTon for Innovations in Learner Resources. Els Van Geyte, author from the team, presents a practical webinar about academic writing.

Theme: International students entering Higher Education may not be aware of the academic demands they will face post-IELTS. Conversely, they may receive conflicting advice, e.g. on how to improve their writing. In this webinar, I will look at some examples of this and consider how tutors can help students build on their existing skills while preparing them for the challenges ahead. I suggest how we might approach the teaching of areas such as paraphrasing, hedging, and writing introductions by focusing on reader expectation and on academic requirements and principles, i.e. on ‘why’ rather than ‘how’.

Download the presentation slides in pdf format.

About the speaker

Els Van Geyte is the author of Writing, which is one of the six books in the ELTon award-winning Collins Academic Skills Series. She has more than 20 years of language teaching experience, and has been working as EAP tutor at the University of Birmingham for over a decade. Els Van Geyte holds a Cambridge DELTA certificate, QTS, an MA in Modern European Studies, as well as an MA in Germanic Languages. She is also a senior Fellow of the HEA (Higher Education Academy).

The Academic Skills Series by Collins is a six-book series for students who are studying, or preparing to study, at an English-speaking institution.

The judges described the winner as “even native speakers could benefit from the kind of structured, systematic thinking taught in this entry.”

Find out more about the Academic Skills series on the Collins website.

Watch the webinar recording here

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Writing for a purpose

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