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Eliciting vocabulary before writing narratives

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This is an idea to help students with their writing of narratives. It gives all the students some essential (and some superfluous) vocabulary.

Brian Fowlis


Play a game of word association.

  • The teacher gives one word and the student on the left must say the first word they can think of which is associated with it.
  • Then the student on their left says the first word which they can think of which is associated with the previous word.
  • This can be repeated around the class a few times.
  • The teacher writes all the words on the board as they appear.

Eventually you should have a variety 20 or 30 words on the board, for example: tree, forest, countryside, city, buildings, offices, work, leisure, holidays, beach, sun, moon, night, dark, black, cats, dogs, friendship, etc.

  • The teacher then gives the students the first line of the story using some of the vocabulary on the board, for example: I'll never forget the night I fell asleep on the beach while I was on holiday in a strange city.
  • The students (individually or in pairs) continue the story, drawing on the vocabulary on the board for ideas.
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