Create a picture story with your young learners using this lesson plan and a story from LearnEnglish Kids.


This lesson uses a wonderful idea from Chris Riddell, currently the 'children's laureate', of turning children into illustrators.

Learners will listen to a story and imagine each scene. Then they will work in groups, making colourful illustrations of key points from the story. When they finish they will put their pictures together to form a picture book version of the story. Finally they will use the picture book to retell the story in groups.

Note: If you choose to play the audio of the story at LearnEnglish Kids, you will have to become a member. Follow the instructions at before the lesson.

This activity works with most stories and can be adapted to use with other ages and levels. If you have a mobile device, why not film the groups retelling the story. Then send the recording to parents - make sure you have parental permission to do this.


Stories, picture books




50-60 minutes


Katherine Bilsborough


Students like stories and they can help them to produce their ideas and to learn new vocabulary.

Thanks a lot.

Hello Katherine,

Thank you very much! Great idea to let the students retell the story, using "their" personal book.

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