Developing student autonomy

Teaching English to high school students in regular classes and as a facilitator in a self-access centre within the same institution has led to some experimentation on promoting autonomy in the classroom.

One of the activities that has proven very successful has been asking students to design an exercise after finishing each unit of the textbook . The exercises are exchanged in class and answered by a different classmate. Having answered them, we have a short reflection on how well they were able to do the exercise, which are their strong points, and what needs to be further studied or worked on. The exercises are really a means for students to monitor their progress.

Added by Ma. Elena Delgado Ponce de Leon, Mexico

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Dear Ma Elena!
It's a great learner-centered activity. I have a question to you. How did you monitor the Ss exercises? For other Ss to answer them, they must be correct ones.