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Destination UK – Northern Ireland

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This Essential UK lesson plan is part of a series of four entitled Destination UK. This one focuses on Northern Ireland.

Task 1 is to designed to help clarify the confusion that students often face between exactly what the difference is between Great Britain, the UK and the British Isles. Task 2 is a simple true or false activity and Task 3 is a reading about life in Northern Ireland. Task 4 looks at some local language and Task 5 is based on the national dish of the country, the Ulster Fry. Task 6 looks at some traditional jokes based on the famous ‘Irishman, Englishman, Scotsman and Welshman’ concept.

Topic: Northern Ireland

• To review terminology for describing the UK.
• To practise reading skills.
• To practise question formation.
• To learn some local expressions.
• To practise speaking about food and culture.

Age group: 12 - adult

Level: B1 - B2

Time: 60 minutes

Materials: Destination UK – Northern Ireland student worksheet and reading texts.

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