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Design a mobile phone

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This activity can be used for all levels and could be extended to a mini-project for younger students.

Jo Budden

Students should work together to design the next generation mobile phone. They should be encouraged to be as imaginative as they can.


  • To get them started, ask these questions to the group and see what they think.
    • What do you think mobile phones will be like in 20 or 100 years time?
    • What will you be able to do with your phone?
    • How big will it be and what will it look like?
  • Then ask the students to work in groups and design the mobile phone of the future. Tell them to imagine they work for a mobile phone company. They should decide:
    • Who it is for (men, women, professionals, teens, etc.)
    • What size it will be
    • What features it will have
  • You can go around the groups and monitor. They may well need a lot of support with new vocabulary.
  • At the end of the activity you could get each group to present their ideas.

This activity was first published on the British Council's Language Assistant website.

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Pre-intermediate: A2