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David Gatrell: Learning online in real time

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In this talk, David talks about the affordances of video conferencing for online professional development.

Recent technological advances have made video conferencing a practical and effective means of communication and learning. For little or no cost, it enables people in different parts of the planet to share, interact and learn in real time using a combination of chat, audio, video, and other features, such as polls or a virtual whiteboard.

By allowing you to see and hear other participants and read their contributions in real time, video conferencing recreates many of the features of in-person learning and CPD that may otherwise be lacking in an online programme. These include social presence, immediacy, instant feedback and a real sense of community. Yet video conferencing is also different from face-to-face instruction, offering added tools and features that can engage quieter or less confident participants, resulting in more participation and interaction than might be possible in a traditional classroom.

In this hands-on session, brought to you via video conferencing technology, participants looked at how to combine the technology with good pedagogy and engaging content to design and deliver great webinars - real time classes and workshops - as part of their online teaching or training. The audience had the opportunity to try out and reflect on a range of practical webinar activities, which can be adapted and use in your own context.

About the speaker:

Dave Gatrell has over 15 years' experience in English language teaching. For the past decade, he has worked as a teacher trainer in diverse parts of Europe and Asia, and he has been writing, developing and managing online teacher development courses for the British Council since 2011. He has an MA in Digital Technologies, Communication and Education and is particularly interested in mobile and digital game-based learning and in the use of video conferencing in teaching and teacher development. 

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