'Vokis' are great for practising speaking skills with students of all ages. Creating an animated character and giving it a voice is real fun to do and breaks down the inhibitions that students often have when faced with recording themselves speaking in English.

Activity: Creating an online character that speaks 


  • Practising speaking skills – focussing on pronunciation 
  • Online familiarisation 




Primary YLs to Adults 


Around 1.5 hrs, depending on the age of the students.


  • a computer for each pair of students
  • headphones with microphones attached to the computers that you are going to use
  • ideally, a computer attached to a data projector for demonstrating the activity to the class and reviewing their completed vokis
  • an internet connection
  • the Adobe Flash player plug-in installed on your computers

 You can download the teacher notes for this lesson plan below

By Ann Foreman

Ann Foreman


There are so many possibilities for speaking activities with this website.  Plus, it's a cool way for kids to send someone to their parents.  A fun way to show that they've been working on their English speaking, which I've found tends to be the most difficult skill to work on.  Thanks!

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