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Continuing Professional Development: Lessons from India

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In this collection of case studies you will find a range of CPD practices in different Indian settings.


Edited by Rod Bolitho and Amol Padwad

We hope that the ideas and experiences contained in this collection will provoke a more active and deeper interest in CPD, will lead to more experiments, innovations and research, and will help CPD to be seen as a central priority in teacher education, a development which is long overdue.

This collection of case studies and experience reports refers mainly to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in the teaching profession in India. While the papers raise some important issues and concerns in CPD, they also report on various innovative attempts at tackling them.

The papers in this collection have been selected to offer accounts of a range of understandings of, and practices in, CPD in different settings, mainly in India, though we have also included two papers from Europe to provide extra points of comparison. The papers take the form either of research reports or case studies on CPD in action, and they range from ‘big-picture’  perspectives to smaller scale views in local or institutional contexts. Many, but not all, of them are rooted in English Language Teaching, a field that has begun to pay particular attention to CPD in recent years.
The papers are arranged in two broad groups. The first five papers explore the role of ‘systemic’ components, like an INSET programme, institutional perceptions and policies, libraries or a teacher training scheme, in teachers’ CPD. The next five papers report on some innovative interventions, mostly teacher-initiated, aimed at promoting teachers’ CPD. Two more papers providing European perspectives on CPD are included at the end.
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