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Collecting Europe - Robot relationships

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This lesson takes the Collecting Europe project as a starting point for an exploration of whether a romantic relationship between a human and a robot is possible.

Joanna Gore

Students will discuss this and related questions as they work with the trailer for the film 'Her' and a reading text on the subject. After a focus on useful language from the reading text, students are invited to debate the topic in more depth.

The activities in this lesson plan can be done in one lesson or spread over two classes with additional homework activities.


  • To consider whether a human could have a romantic relationship with a robot
  • To use this idea to reflect on boundaries and identities
  • To understand the trailer for Her and a text on the subject in order to inform the debate
  • To learn new language related to the topic and useful phrases presented in the reading text


Adults and older teenagers


CEF level B2 and above


60 - 70 minutes in one lesson or divided into two 30-minute lessons with homework activity


The lesson plan and student worksheets can be downloaded below. Internet access is required, but online activities can be done as a homework activity.

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