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Use this engaging lesson in online or face-to-face teaching to help students learn and practise clothes vocabulary. 

Sally Trowbridge


In this lesson children practise clothes vocabulary with flashcards and online games. They listen to and watch a story about a boy and his favourite clothes, and then join in with a song about clothes. They play an action game, then write about their favourite clothes for homework.


  • To practise and extend learners’ clothes vocabulary
  • To develop learners’ listening and speaking skills
  • To develop learners’ writing skills


Primary (7-11 years)


60 minutes

Important: Please read

To support teachers having to work online during the COVID-19 pandemic, this lesson has been adapted for teachers providing online classes. The lesson notes are specifically for online lessons and the class materials have been made available as a PowerPoint.

Included in the teachers' notes, there is guidance and advice for what teachers need to know and do before and at the beginning of an online class. Please read the lesson instructions carefully before using them. They are for guidance only, and designed to be used with the most common online platforms. You may need to adapt the lesson to the format and online platform you are working with.

Language level
Language Level: 
Primary level 1

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