Date: 15 December 2011

Theme: In this session we will explore what works in CLIL. We will stress the final L in CLIL. Learning will be the focus of the session. In addition, we will unpick what is meant by CLIL in different contexts. Finally we will look at some strategies that are practical, learning centered and inclusive.

Watch a recording of the webinar:
You can watch the webinar here:

About the speaker: Noreen Caplen-Spence is a teacher and a teacher trainer based in Canterbury. She loves travelling and enjoying the arts wherever she happens to be.



When will the webinar be started?kindly let me know the time according to Pakistan?

Hello, I would be very happy if you accepted my registration.Many thanks.Lina La Vena

I'd love to know if there's a waiting list of some sort... or will the webinar be available even if you didn't register? Thanks in advance.

Hi, RobI'd like to join the  CLIL webinar live. It is too late, isn't it? Registration is over!!! What a pity!Can I have some change?M.Grazia

Hi Rob,I signed up on the webinar but wasn't sended the invitation mail to join it.... so I've just watched the recording... It's a pity I don't know what could happen....

Hi FlorI'm so sorry you didn't get the invitation - you were definitely on the list. Let me investigate, then I'll contact you.All the bestRob

Rob Lewis,Please mute your mic when you are typing. The background roar sounds like the inside of a 747 and your typing floods out the speaker.I really appreciate the new technology. Learning from the best has never been easier!


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