This activity uses a football training video from the BBC to help secondary pupils improve their football at the same time as their English listening skills. If you are interested in football, don’t forget the excellent Premier Skills website, although this is more general English than PE/CLIL related.



  • football skills: control and first touch


  • Lexis – football terminology
  • Skills – Listening


  • This activity requires an internet connection in the classroom to watch the video. I suggest you downstream the whole video before the lesson begins so that it plays smoothly during the lesson.
  • Prepare one worksheet per pupil, or alternatively project / write the questions on the board and tell pupils to copy them into their books.


  • Ask pupils to brainstorm all the football words they know in English.
  • Play the video and ask pupils to listen for the football words they listed before. (Football words in the video include: ball, dribble and pass)
  • Give out the worksheet, let pupils read the questions without answering yet. Let pupils check/look up any unknown vocabulary in the questions.
  • Play the video again. Pupils answer the questions whist watching.
  • If necessary, play the video again.
  • Check answers by playing the video and stopping before and after the answer to the question is given. The answers are: 1.b, 2.c, 3.a, 4.b, 5.b, 6.c


Go out and play, using the newly studied language to give instructions. This video is the first in a series of football training videos. You could continue by showing your pupils more of these, available on this page.

By Chris Baldwin


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