For most teachers of young learners, classroom management is a big issue. Our latest teaching tip with David Rixon looks more closely at this topic and offers practical advice on how best to manage classes of YL students.



I was teaching them novel reading with differentiated instruction but the group of 12 was difficult to manage. Could not start the hook session with cd. What to do the boys were really troublesome? Any one has any idea...

Excellent tips.
I remember that one of my professors of ELT told me once that the key to classroom management is actually the planning. The clearer the plans and objectives are, the more you will have a smooth control of the class.

However, now I am facing a big situation where I have a 40 students class and believe me it is not easy to manage a so big class. It is very difficult to give attention to every single kid. If you go and direct yourself to a single student just because he needs some help, then the rest of students go around, laughing, screaming, jumping, and doing anything they can invent. I have to be very serious if I want to keep the control and be able to teach my lesson. So you'll almost never see me smiling like. So again, the key for large classes is the very clear and deep lesson planning. And make sure they never be free. From task to task. One more thing, if it is necessary, we have to be rude without disrespecting or violating kids' right and causing emotional and affective paradigms.


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