In this lesson students work together to create a class tree display.

Class tree display

Each pupil is given a worksheet with a leaf and an apple on it. Students write on the leaf and draw matching pictures on the fruit. The leaves and fruit are displayed on the classroom wall or noticeboard. Students try to match the pairs. Finally each pupil gives a short presentation describing their leaf and fruit while students check their answers.

Extend the lesson with younger children by listening to the song The leaves on the tree from our LearnEnglish Kids website. Older children could watch The story of quinine, also from LearnEnglish Kids, to learn about one of the ways trees are important in our lives. 


  • To start the school year with a project that encourages students to bond as a group
  • To give students an opportunity to introduce themselves to each other by talking about things they like (e.g. colours, food, animals and activities)
  • To make a guessing game where pupils match the written word to pictures
  • To provide listening practice with a tree-themed song or story (see links, below)
  • To encourage students to appreciate that trees provide food (as well as oxygen, wood and medicine)

Age group:

Young learners aged 6-12 years old




50 - 60 minutes + optional extension activities


The lesson plan, template and worksheet can all be downloaded below in PDF format.


Karen Elliot

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