Chris Rose presented his talk “The Storyteller in the Digital Age” at the E-merging Forum 3. He thinks that storytelling is merely changing. In his plenary talk he presents different ways to tell the stories – watch the video to know what they are. All that is essential is a story, a voice – and some listeners.


Chris Rose is a writer and teacher with nearly twenty years’ experience in the field of ELT. He has worked with the British Council in Italy, where he worked on arts and educational programmes, and has also worked in Lebanon, Morocco, Turkey and Russia.
He has written readers for Macmillan and Areal Editores (Portugal) and stories for the British Council Learn English website, as well as a number of acclaimed short stories of his own.
He is currently an associate trainer with the Norwich Institute of Language Education, where he works on professional development programmes with teachers from all over the world.
Topic: The Storyteller in the Digital Age
Storytelling is one of the oldest human activities. Everyone tells stories: be it the plot of a film you have seen or a book you have read, an eventful journey, a memory of your childhood or merely something that happened to you on the bus coming to work. We all tell tales, tall or short, to our friends, our children or our pupils.
As long ago as 1936, the German critic Walter Benjamin said the art of storytelling was in decline, but I like to think he was wrong: storytelling is merely changing.  Now there are other ways to tell stories.
What are they?  I do not know yet, but it us up to us – as teachers, as educators – to find out.
All that is essential is a story, a voice – and some listeners.
Video recording of the plenary session
You can watch the full recording of Chris Rose’s talk on British Council Russia’s YouTube channel by clicking the link below:
Watch the interview that Chris gave at the E-merging Forum 3 by clicking on this link:

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