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Access the face-to-face and online teaching versions of this lesson plan exploring the theme of chocolate.


In the UK the average person eats a total of 14 kilograms of confectionery each year. A big part of that quota is chocolate!

If you are a big chocolate fan it may be one of the things you’re really missing by living abroad, or you may have discovered some new types of chocolate in your host country. This could be a nice way to start off this lesson about chocolate. You could also tie in some of these activities to a lesson about Easter. Chocolate Easter eggs are a part of the Easter celebrations for most British people. In the lesson, students list their favourite sweet and savoury food, take a quiz about chocoholics, do a simple reading task and a fun recipe dictation. Finally, they will invent their own new chocolate bar.


  • To learn vocabulary related to chocolate and baking
  • To practise speaking skills
  • To develop listening skills
  • To design a new chocolate bar

Age group:

Teenagers and adults


CEF Level A2 – B1


60 minutes


The lesson plans and classroom material can be downloaded in PDF format below

Important: Please read

To support teachers having to work online during the COVID-19 pandemic, this lesson has been adapted for teachers providing online classes. The lesson notes are specifically for online lessons and the class materials have been made available as a PowerPoint.

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Language Level: 
Pre-intermediate: A2