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Chinese New Year

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In this lesson children learn about Chinese New Year customs.

Katherine Bilsborough

They are introduced to some expressions for speculating at the beginning of the lesson that will be practised in context when they play a board game in small groups. The game will encourage players to read and speculate about customs in a fun way. At the end of the lesson children find out which Chinese zodiac animal they are.


  • To learn about Chinese culture
  • To practise language for speculating
  • To learn how to take turns, reach an agreement with a partner and respect the rules of a game
  • To develop intercultural awareness

Age group

Older primary/Younger secondary


CEFR level A2 and above


60 minutes


The lesson plan, board, question cards, answers and rules can be downloaded in PDF format below. In addition, you will need:

Language level
Language Level: 
Primary level 2