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Every year as Christmas approaches, thousands of charities launch appeals, asking for donations.

Christmas is a time of giving and it is a time when many charities raise a large proportion of their total annual income. With so many charities to choose from how can we decide which one to donate to?

In this activity learners will imagine the class has £100 to donate. They will work in groups to decide which of four charities they should give the money to.

Learners will first work in a group, reading about one of the charities and preparing their arguments for why their charity should receive the £100. Then they will separate into new groups with representatives speaking on behalf of the four different charities. They will take turns to present their arguments and try to convince others in the group that their charity deserves the donation. At the end of the discussion learners will vote for the most deserving charity.


  • To encourage learners to use English in a creative way
  • To develop learners’ speaking skills for fluency
  • To develop skills of persuasion in spoken English
  • To encourage learners to think about the role of charities

Age group:

Older teenagers and adults 


CEF level B1 and above


50-60 minutes


The lesson plan and four worksheets can be downloaded below.


Language level
Language Level: 
Intermediate: B1