Watch a recording of Carol Read's talk at the British Council in Warsaw. 

Her talk covered a range of primary issues and she gave a number of invaluable tips about teaching primary students.



Thanks a lot Carol for this video. It's always very helpful to have a whole session than bits of it.
Last I've attended your live session was longtime ago - June 2007 in Paris. But I've been reading your reports on the site as much as could. I'm teaching year 8 and 9 but your tips and practical examples are still good to apply for them. I especially like the RET of the SECRET and of course the "deadly stare". Are there others videos of your sessions available on the site ? How could I find them?
Many thanks

This is an incredible presentation Coral.
Thank you very much.
Peace and much respect

Dear Carol,

Thank you very much for the interactive workshop on how to work with children. I am teaching at the university here in the United States and my students will be teachers. Your workshop is especially helpful for them.

I would like to know how I find the complete session. Also, if possible, my email address is and I hope we can communicate more on working with children.


Dear Carol!
I love your presentation! You are an inspiration for us teachers. Thanks a lot for being so enthusiastic, cheerful, skilled and generous. I hope that someday you will visit my country to share your ideas with us.
Thank you once again
Sílvia (Portugal)

This video is a great example of how simple activities can be very engaging. The teacher is the secret for motivating students and he has the power to create meaningful learning. We just have to know our students and reflect constantly on our practices. Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful and enthusiastic video.

Where does the secret lie? In you!
Wonderful! I would love to be in one of Carol's talks.

What a lovely presentation. I really liked it. Carol, you are an amazing teacher. I would love to attend one of your presentations. I learnt a lot. Thank you for helping me in my goal to become a better teacher. I consider myself a really enthusiastic person, but after seeing you, I am one hundred percent sure that I have a long way to go, but I am prepared to embrace it. Thank you for inspiring me.


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