Carol Read: The secret of working with children

In February 2012, Carol Read gave a workshop at the British Council in Warsaw. Her talk covered a range of primary issues and she gave a number of invaluable tips about teaching primary students. Watch her talk here.


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dorinebeltran's picture

Thanks a lot Carol for this video. It's always very helpful to have a whole session than bits of it.
Last I've attended your live session was longtime ago - June 2007 in Paris. But I've been reading your reports on the site as much as could. I'm teaching year 8 and 9 but your tips and practical examples are still good to apply for them. I especially like the RET of the SECRET and of course the "deadly stare". Are there others videos of your sessions available on the site ? How could I find them?
Many thanks

li_nan1998's picture

Dear Carol,

Thank you very much for the interactive workshop on how to work with children. I am teaching at the university here in the United States and my students will be teachers. Your workshop is especially helpful for them.

I would like to know how I find the complete session. Also, if possible, my email address is li_nan1998@yahoo.com and I hope we can communicate more on working with children.