Card games

What card games do you know? Do you like playing games? In this lesson, students read about how to play a card game called ‘Snap’. They practise expressions for playing games and then have the chance to write instructions for a game. You need at least one pack of playing cards for this lesson.

Topic: Card games

Level: A2/B1


  • To help students talk about (and play!) card games
  • To develop students’ reading skills
  • To expand students’ vocabulary
  • To develop students’ writing skills
Sally Trowbridge
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ISAJAGO's picture

Thanks a lot.  This is very nice and useful! Everybody loves playing cards.

lolitacocoliso1's picture

I know my students will love this, they love playing games.And it kind of gives them a break from other Activities that aren't as fun as this one.Thank you 

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Landy Chale

I'm pretty sure my ss are going to love this!!!