This lesson focuses on developing students’ knowledge of the UK, in particular of the British parliamentary system. It also aims to develop and practise students’ communication skills through watching a video about the British Parliament and discussing current political issues in a students’ home country.  

Topic: The British Parliament: A journey of a bill into a law

Level: B2/upper-intermediate

Time: 1h (60 min)


  • To develop students’ ability to listen to and extract information from a video clip
  • To practise students’ speaking skills for giving opinions and justifying them
  • To develop students’ knowledge of British culture


  • Task 3 – Listening (at the end of the lesson plan) cut up into sets of 9 strips each. Prepare one set of strips per pair or small group. 
  • Student Worksheets.


Does the video in this lesson plan still exist? If so, please can you put a new link in, as the existing one doesn't work. Thanks

Hi Savarios,

Thanks for letting us know that the video link had been removed. I've updated the link to the original video now, so you can use this lesson plan again.

Best wishes,
TE Team

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