Our topics for September and October look at the theme of professional and career development.

Our July and August topics looked at the theme of managing resources

Despite it being a holiday for many people in the northern hemisphere, we received several excellent posts on the topic, including ideas for warmers and how to deal with stories and world events in the news. There was an insightful post about communicative competence with higher level students and others which looked at syllabi, the coursebook and how to go beyond these. We had various engaging posts which focused on technology and its place in the learning process and a look at some of the best ways to teach grammar, including whether the coursebook provides the best stimulus.

Various ways of starting an English lesson | jvl narasimha rao

EL teachers as responsible adults | NinaMK

World events - Do they have a place in the ELT classroom especially with younger learners? | Madhu Tiwari

Global citizens | Zahra_Zuhair

The sea of opportunities | Alexei Kiselev

Breaking up big grammar | Mark Trevarton

To textbook or not to textbook? That is the grammar question | Sulaiman Jenkins

Ahead of the coursebook | Zahra_Zuhair

Topics for September and October 2018

Topic 1

Online or face-to-face Continuing Professional Development? Most of our professional development takes place both online and face-to-face, but how do they differ and what are the specific advantages of each? Can a teacher develop professionally without being part of an online community of practice or is it now essential to interact in both physical and online spaces?

Topic 2

From teacher and classroom research to practice. How do you link your research as a teacher to what you do in the classroom? How do you share your research with colleagues and what benefits does this have?

Topic 3

Are you a member of a teacher association or special interest group? How do you benefit from being a member? What do you think are advantages and drawbacks of teacher associations?

Topic 4

Other people's blogs. How many bloggers' posts do you follow and regularly read? How do you benefit from reading these blogs and what impact does it have on your teaching and your own blogs?

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