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Blog topics for November and December 2020

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It's been a long time since we wrote with a new list of blog topics, but we're back, just before the end of what has so far been a very challenging year, with some new ideas for you to think about (and hopefully write about). As you might expect, our four topics for the final part of 2020 relate to teaching and development in difficult circumstances.

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Blog topic 1: Remote, face-to-face, or hybrid teaching

If you are teaching your classes online, how do you think you’ve developed your skills and what have you had to change about how you teach? How do you feel about teaching online now, compared to when you started?

If you are working in a face-to-face context, what is different? What are the challenges? How have you adapted your teaching (and your students’ learning) to comply with any new rules? If you were teaching online before, which do you prefer and why?

What have been the biggest challenges for you and what advice would you give other teachers who are working in similar situations?

Professional practices: Knowing the subject, Planning lessons and courses, Managing the lesson, Understanding your learners, Taking responsibility for professional development

Blog topic 2: Training and support

This year, we have all had to learn new ways of working and adapt our skills to a new and unprecedented situation. How much support have you had from the managers and coordinators in your school? How has this support been given, and has it been helpful? Are you working with colleagues to share ideas and new skills you have developed? If so, how is this managed? Are you spending more time or less time on your professional development?  

Professional practices: Taking responsibility for professional development

Blog topic 3: Assessing your learners

Over the past 8 months, some of the most frequently-asked questions have been about assessment, and how to do this effectively online, particularly with summative assessment tasks, such as end of year tests and exams. What problems have you faced with assessing your learners? How have you managed these? What have you learned about assessing your learners that would be useful for other teachers to know?

Professional practices: Assessing your learners

Blog topic 4: Teacher wellbeing

We all know that teachers have faced some huge challenges in 2020. Suddenly having to adapt to a new way of working has been extremely stressful - both for school heads and managers, for students, and particularly for teachers. Support is often not available through the school, and it can be difficult to find ways of coping with the added pressure and stress. What ways have you found to help you cope with the extra pressure of having to change the way you work, and the increase in workload as a result of moving online? What tips and advice could you give to other teachers about to look after themselves and make their own wellbeing a priority?

Professional practices: All