See the latest blog topics for May/June 2019 and a review of some of the best posts from the past two months.

As we move towards summer in the northern hemisphere and winter in the southern hemisphere, our latest topics take a look at different festivals, developing learner strategies, the benefits of observation and using digital tools.

Looking back, our topics for March and April covered a range of themes, including planning for differentiated learning, approaches to lesson planning, creative writing and poetry activities and reflecting on lessons.

There were several posts looking at each of these four topics over the past two months. A large number of you wrote about differentiated learning, exploring why multi-level classes exist and lots of valuable tips and advice for dealing with higher-level and lower-level students through a range of insightful activities.

Creativity featured highly and several posts provided inspiring examples of activities for the classroom.

There were a number of posts looking at the importance and value of esson planning and, more specifically longer-term planning.

Finally, there was a very useful post on evaluating lessons as a freelance teacher, when there are no regulations or a manager with expectations.

Some of the highlights from March and April are below:

Elizabeth Apicella | There’s a Gesture for That!

Karina castro | First steps in essay writing for primary school students

NinaMK | Differentiated teaching and learning

Natalia Moiseeva | Writing is your superpower

Mike Bilbrough | When long-term planning becomes feasible and more meaningful

Mangay | Large and mixed group management

Ingrid Mosquera Gende | Managing differentiated learning in traditional language skills activities

PEGGY SHARMA ESL | Differentiated Learning: Motivation for all levels in the group

S.Akilandeswari | Step-by-step to creative writing

Alexei Kiselev | How to measure the effectiveness of your lessons if nobody controls you

Loli Iglesias | Poetry activities your students will love


Topics for May and June 2019

Topic 1

Many of us deliver typical 'festivals' lessons during the year, the 'Halloween lesson', the 'Christmas lesson', and so on. How often to you bring other, less well-known traditions from other cultures into the class? Describe a time when you have done this. What did you do? How did you focus on the language learning within the topic?

Topic 2

It's important that we help learners develop learning strategies as well as their language skills. Describe a lesson where you aimed to do this. What learning strategy did you focus on? What activities helped learners understand and use it?

Topic 3

Observing other classes can be a useful way to develop an awareness of different approaches and gain ideas for our own lessons. What is the most useful activity or approach you have taken away from an observation? How did you adapt it to suit your own style or learners?

Topic 4

We often talk about using digital tools in the classroom and how to use them to support learning. However, how have you used digital tools to help promote autonomous learning outside the classroom? Think of a particular tool or tools that you have had success with. Why was it successful? How did you ensure the learners were benefitting from its use?

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