Our March and April 2017 blog topics look at the theme of 'The Learner'.

There were some great blog posts from January and February 2017 looking at various issues around the theme of action research, mentoring and challenges for the year ahead. You can read these posts by clicking on the links below:

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Topics for March and April 2017

  1. How do you feel about teaching learners with special educational needs? How can we teach inclusively, while ensuring that all learners in the class are learning and supporting those with special educational needs? What techniques or tools have you tried that have been successful? What are some of the ways we can bring out the strengths of those with special educational needs in a way that benefits all the learners in the class?
  2. What are some effective strategies for giving learners feedback on their writing? What techniques have you found to be successful but not time-consuming? How do you mark learners' errors? Do you get learners to peer review? How do you decide what techniques to use each time?
  3. How much materials development do you do in your teaching? Do you tend to use the coursebook and/or other pre-prepared materials? When you create your own, how do you decide the learning outcomes, design or adapt activities, and evaluate your materials?
  4. mLearning - we live in the 'mobile era' but many teachers can be reluctant to use mobile devices in the classroom. Is this something you have tried, either with your institution's mobile devices or asking your learners to BYOD (bring your own device)? What are some of the advantages of using mobile devices and how can it increase learning and collaboration in the classroom? How do you utilise the presence of digitial devices in the classroom and make them productive? What teaching or classroom management techniques can you recommend?

Happy blogging!



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