Discover the latest blog topics for March and April 2019.

Thank you to everyone who contributed posts to our January and February topics. As always, there was a varied and insightful range of ideas and opinions.

Unplanned opportunities for learning in the classroom featured in several posts, looking at how deviating from a lesson plan can yield rich learning rewards, how motivation increases when students are interested in something and how vocabulary is often taught incidentally. We saw a number of posts describing motivational moments from 2018, from the training room and the classroom to changes in career. There were a couple of very useful posts about using projects in class and, finally, some great insight into how (and why) we can focus on culture in the language classroom

You can read some of highlights from the last two months below:

Unplanned learning opportunities | NinaMK

Ditching the plan | Dorapap

Don't waste a magical moment of learning | Ingrid Mosquera Gende

Unplanned opportunities - A lesson in culture | Sandy Millin

An uncharted path | S.Akilandeswari

Getting the most of unplanned learning opportunities in the classroom | Rossana

The most motivating part of my job in 2018 | Loli Iglesias

Projects: Setting students up for success | ljwood_99

Are you planning to develop a project? Why not? | Ingrid Mosquera Gende

Language and culture in an EFL classroom | Sulaiman Jenkins


Topics for March and April 2019

Topic 1

How do you plan for differentiated learning. For example, how aware are you of different ability levels in your class? What do you to ensure there is enough motivation for all of the different levels in the group?

Topic 2

Lesson planning - Do you plan a broad outline for a sequence of lessons, including the recycling of learning content? How do you do this? How effective is planning ahead like this?

Topic 3

How often do you use creative writing or poetry activities in your lessons? What activities do you use and how effective are they? How motivated are your students about writing activities?

Topic 4

Do you reflect on the approach and effectiveness of your lessons and lesson planning? How often do you incorporate learner feedback and other evidence to evaluate this effectiveness?


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