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Blog topics for July - September 2021

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Our blog topics for July - September 2021 look at how to teach listening skills, diversity and inclusion, and an opportunity to reflect on how to make sure a course with a new class starts well.

Thank you for all of your fantastic posts from April, May and June. You can find a list of the most recent blogposts here.

Topic 1: Teaching Listening Skills

It's easier for students to access listening practice outside of class these days, but how can we help students improve their listening skills? Which listening skills and sub-skills do your students find most challenging, and what class activities and techniques do you use to help them improve these skills?  Have you faced any challenges doing listening activities online, and how have you overcome these? How do your students respond to listening activities in the classroom?

Topic 2: Diversity and inclusion

How do you ensure that the classroom materials you use are inclusive? Do you ever adapt the materials you use to make them more inclusive? What can we do to make sure students feel included and represented while also maintaining/ respecting cultural norms of where we teach? How can we develop positive attitudes to diversity in our learners? 

Topic 3: First classes

In many parts of the world, September means new courses beginning, but wherever you are, starting a new course presents its own challenges for teachers. What is important for you when meeting a new group of learners or starting a new course? If you teach young learners, do you like to establish class rules? If so, how do you do this? If you teach adults, what do you hope to achieve in the first class or classes with them? How can you ensure a new course starts well and create the right atmosphere for learning during the course?

If you are working as a teacher educator, what does the start of a new school year involve for you? What provision is there for training and development of new teachers, and how does this support continue throughout the school year? How do you think the beginning of this school year will be different from others?