Welcome to 2019. We have four new blog topics to start the new year, including some reflection on last year, your suggestions for using projects, dealing with unplanned moments and the importance of culture.

Firstly, a big thank you for all of your posts throughout 2018. Your valuable insight into a wide range of topics and themes has helped over 50,000 visitors to TeachingEnglish develop as ELT professionals. 

November and December last year were no exception and there were several engaging posts on each of the three topics, including reasons why robots may end up being used as teachers, the very real drawbacks of this and the current role of Artificial Intelligence in language learning and teaching.

The native/non-native speaker debate produced some interesting and insightful posts, challenging the perceived differences and providing some excellent arguments debunking the outdated idea that ‘native’ speakers make better English Language teachers.

Finally, there were a lot of very interesting discussions on how our role as language teachers has changed, how learning happens in different ways, suggestions about why we need to evolve and develop what we do in (and out of) the language classroom, as well as some excellent suggested practical ideas and activities.

A summary of some of your posts is below:

Robots as teachers

Made Tiwari | Will I lose my job to a robot?

NinaMK | Robots or Humans?

Natalia Moiseeva | Robots vs human teachers. The score 1:1

S.Akilandeswari | Humans vs. humanoids 

Native speakerism

Sulaiman Jenkins | Is the native speaker/non-native speaker teacher dichotomy really necessary anymore?

Dorapap | To be a native or not to be? That is the question

Mangay | NESTs and NNESTs

NinaMK | Native speakers or Not?

Teaching and learning in the 21st century

Zahra_Zuhair | Critical material for Critical Thinking

Alexei Kiselev | Foster creativity by being a creative teacher

Dorapap | Learning what’s important

Loli Iglesias | Developing 21st century skills in the classroom

Nurjahan Naik | Being a 21st Century Teacher

ljwood_99 | Empower students with flipped, cooperative learning


Topics for January and February 2019

Topic 1

There are often times in a lesson when an unplanned opportunity for learning - language or otherwise - arises. Think of a time this has happened. How did you adjust your plan to take advantage of it? What was the outcome?

Topic 2

Projects in class. Do you do them? How do you do them? What are some of the projects you've done and what worked/didn't work?

Topic 3

It is often said that knowing a language helps to understand the culture where that language is spoken. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? If you live in a foreign country, how has learning the language in the country you work in helped you in your teaching?

Topic 4

What was the most motivating or best part of your job in 2018?

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