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Blog topics for April - June 2020

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See our latest blog topics for April - June 2020 and find out to become a TeachingEnglish blogger.

Not surprisingly, our blog topics for the period April-June 2020 look at the issue of teaching or managing a team of teachers remotely, or online while many schools are closed. You can see all of the latest topics below.

Thank you to those of you who submitted posts for our April topics, which you can now read in our different magazine sections within the professional development area of the site. The posts that you write provide ongoing help and support to teachers, and at this time, with so much uncertainty, your insight has never been more valuable.

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Blog topics April - June 2020

Challenges of online teaching

As many of us make the enforced move to the unfamiliar world of online teaching, there are obviously going to be some major challenges to how we deliver our lessons remotely. What are some of the key challenges you have faced, and how have you overcome them?

Planning your online lessons

What are some of the main changes you have needed to make to your lesson planning in an online context? How have you managed to maintain a focus on reading and writing tasks? How do you set up group and pair work? How do you manage and maintain your students’ motivation when you are in a virtual classroom? What do you give them to do asynchronously and what do you do synchronously?

Assessing your learners online

Assessment of learners online presents many different challenges. What strategies have you found to effectively assess your students in an online context? What have you found difficult and how has the way you assess students changed?

Supporting and mentoring your teachers

If you are in a management position, you are likely trying to give as much support and guidance to your teachers as possible from a remote location. What have you done to ensure your staff are given the training and support they need?